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World Institute of Drugless Therapies and Healing (WIDTH)

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Drugless Therapies
Philosophy & Origins


Importance of Drugless Therapies

Diseases are caused by the pollution of our internal environment. Polypathic treatment through drugless therapies is the brush-and-broom which sweeps the milieu clean and affects cure.

In polypathy the selection of medicine for any particular individual patient is based on the following seven considerations. They are called  

The Seven Principles Sarvadhara Saptasheel

The Seven Riding Rules - Seven Tenets. They are


1.      Minimum Medicine (Minitherapy)

         (Micromedicine) (Micro-medication)

         And it is emphasized that prevention is better than cure, and that to cure is better than to endure.


2.      Cheapest medicine and least expensive methods.


3.      Easy availability.


4.      Acceptability by the patient.


5.      Harmlessness and safety, non-toxic.


6.      Non-interference with natural healing processes; simple cure.


7.      Most effective and useful way and method.

Since time immemorial various systems of health care have been in vogue. Some are old and ancient and some are new and recent.

A list of 525 Drugless Therapies is already mentioned on this website. The idea is to help the patients for their treatment with no medicine but quicker treatment with no side effects. That way the health budgets of the Central / Federal and the State Governments will be optimized.

Our priority is to start Drugless Hospitals in all countries of the world. However the existing Hospitals may also start their Drugless / Holistic Treatment Departments in order to cover bigger regions and for ensuring treatments of chronic diseases with minimal costs.


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विश्व औषधिमुक्त चिकित्सा एवं उपचार संसथान